WXEX Exeter NH 1540

V/s Steve Thomas writes: Yes, that's our AM 1540 signal as we were playing Bobby Vinton "Mr. Lonely" this past Monday early evening the 17th (6:26PM EDT) while we were at our "Critical Hours" power setting of 2,500 watts.

Radio Libertad Cabimas VEN 620 AM

This is the first and only time I have received the signals from Radio Libertad. It was heard mixing with CKCM and Radio Fé y ALegria. Reception was in fact quite good with a rather strong signal. My report was verified by Moises E Leiva - Director.


Radio OZNRH Pirate from Denmark 1616

Despite the low power and the impressive distance OZNRH has reached Bonässund. My report was verified by Ole. Even better signal lately after an increase in power.


Radio Magdalena Santa Marta CLM 1420

My report was confirmed via Facebook by Walfran Narvaez, webmaster of Radio Magdalena and Radio Rodadero in Santa Marta.

Radio Rodadero Santa Marta CLM 1480

Radio Rodadero has been logged quite frequently recently, perhaps some work on their antenna. They usually close down around 0400 UTC, but Jan 1 the worked overtime and relayed Radio Magdalena all night. My report was confirmed by Walfran Narvaez, webmaster.


Radio Contact Gembloux BEL 106.7 MHz

My reception was verified by Olivier Arnould Directeur d'Antenne. I received the contact information from Jari Korhonen in Finland.


Radio San Pedro Tegucigalpa HND 1360

This is another logging from Jan 1 2014. It was off channel by more than 100 Hz and the heterodyne revealed there was  something new to check out.  I heard America being mentioned but I could not find any listed station with that name. As usual HK Henrik Klemets solved the problem. It was America Multimedios from Honduras, the owner of Radio San Pedro. I used their info-address and received a nice email signed by Samuel Morazan servicios multimedia

WLMV Madison WI 1480

John A Bauer Director of Engineering Mid-West Family Broadcasting Confirms my reception of La Movida 1480 AM.

LLE-2 LLE3 Bergen NOR 1314 5895

My reception was verified by Svenn Martinsen. He sent all their listeners a long email with 7 attached files!

WHTK Rochester NY 1280

Randy Orbaker is the Clearchannel  Chief Engineer in Rochester and wrote me a long nice email confirming my reception of WHTK.