WMOB Mobile AL 1360

A short message from Jackie Herrell confirms my reception of WMOB last year. I logged them for the first time  last autumn with surprisingly good strength. Something had  happened to their antenna pattern when two industrial builings were built close to the WMOB site. Nice for us Dx-ers! WMOB is now searching for help to move to another location.

Radio Buenaventura 1240

This autumn I could here a station on 1240,042 kHz carrying the Radio Maria Colombia programs quite often. I soon found some information on the Internet that this might be Radio Buenaventura. I searched for contact information and found Martha Fanny Vanegas Lemus on Facebook. She is a "periodista" at Radio Buenaventura! I sent her a message and she confirmed my reception but I was still in some doubts. I had no local identification yet! Then Rafael Rodriguez in Bogota checked the frequency in Colombia and could confirm that Radio Buenaventura carries Radio Maria programs from 0300. I checked further in my SDR-recordings and found what I wanted on the 15th of October. First a local identification from Radio Buenaventura at 0258 UTC  followed by an identification by Radio Maria also mentioning that this program is relayed by Radio Buenaventura. The announcement goes like this: "Aqui comienza la programación de Radio María, una emisora internacional con presencia en 40 países. Nuestro propósito es el de colaborar en el anuncio de la buena nueva de Jesucristo, fiel al magisterio de la iglesia católica. Escúchenos todos los días de las 10 de la noche a las 5 de la mañana por Radio Buenaventura, la radio del pueblo. Somos Diócesis de Buenaventura, una iglesia en misión a las fuerzas del corazón. Bienvenido." (Tnx to Henrik Klemetz for the exact words).


WAPA San Juan PR 680

WAPA is a common catch over here, but QSLs have been very rare. I have sent many reports by snail mail and email during the last 30 years with no response at all. I decided to try Facebook and found Jesus Rodriguez Garcia. He sent a nice email in both English and Spanish. Jesus has his own webbsite at
www.jesusrodriguezgarcia.com .(Jesus do not work at WAPA any longer )