Radio Colina Girardot 1230

Nice email from Fernando Mancera Director Informativo verifies my reception of Radio Colina. I had never logged this station until mid October, but then they have been heard quite often.


Radio Vida Nueva Barranquilla 1490

A very surprising QSL from Vida Nueva with a perfect verification text. V/s was David Reyes Castro Gerente General.


HOL80 Nacional Panama 840

I logged this station once in 2007, twice in 2008 and again in 2009 but did not get a QSL. With fresh station info from Arnstein in Norway I finally did it today! My report was verified by Oscar Medina with a very friendly and interesting email.


Radio Progreso 1230

A lot of stations on 1230 lately, Radio Progreso from Cuba one of them. Maria Salomé verified my reception and gave the name of the lucotora!

Radio Contacto Manta 1080

This is a really hard-to-hear radio station. With all the Europeans, + USA + Colombia and Sistema 2 in Guayaquil, conditions have to be very special to let the signals from Radio Contacto to get through. I heard this station September 5 2009 when they carried a soccer game with Manta FC. Last week I sent an email to Manta FC about my reception and today Paúl Ochoa verifies that my recording in fact is from Radio Contacto.


Radio Bayamo 1150

Brief email from Armando Yero La O Redacción Digital  verifies my reception of Radio Bayamo.


Radio Panamericana Girardot 1140

Radio Panamericana has been logged quite frequently the last three weeks here in Bonässund. Perhaps they have  made some adjustments to their transmitter? However I had a some problems  to get in contact with them. I intended to use their contact form but the Enviar-button was missing. (I could find this button  in the html-code of the page, but could not make it work.) Then I got some help from my friend Roger Granholm living in Finland just some 100 kilometers from me. He had found the email address of Sandra Forero on the Internet. Sandra replied to my report within an hour. My thanks to Sandra and Roger.


Radio Mundial 860 San Cristobal

An Hotmail report with a file on Box.net finally made it. Today Humberto Rodriguez Guevara Gerente de Información confirmed my reception. He did not find my recording "claro" and recommended me to check http://www.rinox.net.ve/...


Radio Ecuantena 1030 Guayaquil

This is a most wanted QSL. I have tried twice before with no luck but today Scretaria Coordinadora Maritza T. verified my report with a brief email. Henrik Klemetz helped me with some details about an announcement of the Iglesia Universal in Guayaquil, the same could be found on YouTube!


XEQ Bésame 940

With fresh info from OJS in Norway I received an email from Iván Bazán Salinas Productor Televisa Radio. Thank you Iván and Odd-Jorgen.