BBN Medellin 1590

A short email this morning verified my reception of BBN Medellin 1590. A rather common guest here.


CKJH Melfort SK 750

CK750 was one of many new for me December 9 2009. I sent a letter report and today Bayne Opseth, Chief Engineer, verified my reception with a nice pdf-QSL.


KFI Los Angeles CA 640

Today Ernie Kristof Director of Operations Clear Channel Radio Los Angeles verified my December 9 reception of KFI. I have tried several emails to KFI, nothing worked until I got a hint from another Nordic DX-er!

CKKY Wainwright AB 830

This morning program director Jeff Murray verified my Dec 9 reception of CKKY with a brief email. Thank you Jeff.


KXNT North Las Vegas NV 840

I had good reception of KXNT December 9-11 2009. I sent a reception report to Corey Olsson this morning and he responded immediately with a brief email. Thanks Corey!

KDLG Dillingham AK 670

I logged KDLG January 25 2009. After a reminder Matthew Schroder Operations Manager verified my reception. My Alaska #22 in the AM band.


KTWO Casper WY 1030

I logged K2 for the first time already back in 1998. No QSL back then. Today Chief Engineer Dave Nutter says that he have replied to one report this year but it bounced at Hotmail. He also tells me that he probably worked at KTWO already back in 1998.

WCCW Traverse City MI 1310

Brian Hale, Operations Manager of WCCW, today verified my reception of ESPN 13-10. Brian recognized his voice: I was able to pick my voice out of the static as he put it. He also writes "Being a Detroit Red Wings Fan I have been able to enjoy the play of many Swedish players." . Thank you for nice contact!


KBKR Baker OR 1490

I logged this one last season and did not get any reply to my report. Yesterday a friend of mine in Finland gave me some new contact information and today Cliff Tarpy News Director of KBLM/KBKR verified my reception with a very nice email where he also gave me all the details of my recording. For a comparison he sent me a recording with a little less static as he put it.....

KALL Salt Lake City 700

A tough one here in central Sweden. I was lucky to get them trough Dec 9 2009 and today Bill Riley verified my reception.

WOFX Troy NY 980

It was a real surprise when WOFX Fox Sports 9-80 came through the last days of January. In an email Steve Bleznyk Program Director l Clear Channel Radio - Albany tells me that he had received 5 reports from Sweden and 1 from Finland the same day.