WILS Lansing MI 1320

Since CKEC left 1320 this has become a very interesting channel. CJMR is the dominant now, but sometimes other stations are coming through. WILS is one of those stations. Today Sharon L Stone confirmed my reception with a brief CONFIRMED. Thank you Sharon!


RFO Martinique 1310

A dream has come through. I heard Radio Martinique many times in the 60ies but never got a verification. In august I sent an email report to Désir Quiquely and tonight I received one of my most wanted QSLs! He also attached a short jingle of Radio Martinique, the same as I had sent with my report! This was a new country for me, #228 since 1963. Arnstein Bue in Norway helped me with the contact information. Thank you Arnstein and Désir.


KGOW Houston (Bellaire) TX 1560

When hurricane Ike struck Houston September 12/13 radio station KGOW used its powerful daytime transmitter 24/7 in order to get better coverage, They even reached Scandinavia with rather good signal strength, on top of the more common WQEW New York most of the time. They were also heard on September 19 with TheGame sports but according to GM Richard Topper they are now back to normal daytime/nighttime schedule so it will be pretty hard to tune them in again. He verified my report and asked for my snail mail for some station stuff! Nice to know everything is OK again, Richard.


Radio Clube - Rede Eldorado Curitiba 1430

I used the form on http://www.clubeb2.com.br/ for my report to this station from Curitiba, Brasil. For once I tried to write in Portuguese. In a couple of hours I received a nice reply from the staff, Equipe Clube.

CHVO Carbonear NL 560

Today Judy at KIXX Country 103.9 verified my reception of CHVO on 560 kHz. She reponded to a mail to the address on their Internet site. Thank you for verification, Judy.

CHTO Toronto ON 1690

A friend in Sweden informed me about the email to Caterina Papadopoulos, Host Greek Canadian Hour, so I sent a reminder last night and today I received a nice mail from Caterina verifying my 2007 reception of CHTO.
Caterinas contact address can also be found on the webbsite of CHTO. Thank you Caterina for QSL!


Radio Revivir Buenos Aires 1680

Today I had a brief email from Argentina confirming y reception of Radio Revivir a month ago. Radio Revivir is an easy catch on the high side of 1680 which a distorted signal.


CJLO Montreal QC 1690

This station has tested for same weeks now. I logged them September 12, sent an email report September 13 and got a QSL within 30 minutes. V/s was Chris Quinnell, I found his emailaddress on the CJLO homepage. Thank you for QSL Chris!


WPLM Plymouth MA 1390

Easy 99.1 is not an easy catch here. WEGP is dominating the cannel most of the time. However the last week of August was a good month for WPLM. Today Patricia Carroll verified my report with an interesting mail. She said that Plymouth nowadays is the Hollywood East with a lot of stars staying there. Thank you Patricia.


WTAB Tabor City NC 1370

I heard WTAB August 29 when they had a transmission from a game between NCState and South Carolina. I tried to send a mail to the address found on their website, but it bounced all the time. Yesterday I phoned them and spoke with Richard "Fluffy" Miller who told me to use an alternative address. He also told me that for several reasons they were transmitting with the 5 kW daytime power, which explains why they could be logged here in Sweden. Thank you for the contact and your mail, Richard.


Radio Aalto Finland 106,1

Another FM QSL! Today Katja Pyykkö at Nelonen Media verified my reception of Radio Aalto, Thank you Katja!