Radio 700 Euskirchen Germany 6005

Sometimes I also try the shortwave bands, especially when there is something new. In the beginning of April Radio 700 started tests on 6005 kHz with a 1 kW transmitter from Kall-Krekel. It is a non commercial station with oldies format. Today I received a QSL-card, form letter and some info from Bernd Frinken / Programmverantwortlicher.


BBN Bogota 1100

Hasse Mattisson helped me with the email address to BBN, Bible Broadcasting Network. Today I received an email where they asked for contributions to their church. They also thanked me for listening to their station so I count this as a QSL.

Emisora Mariana Bogotá 1400

My friend Hasse Mattisson in Växjö helped me with a valid email address to Emisora Mariana in Bogota. Today Enrique Arevalo Director of Emisora Mariana verified my report. Thank you Mr Arevalo.

La Cariñosa Manizales 1450

Today I received a nice email from Jaime Sanchez Restrepo Director Artistico of RCN in Manizales. He confirmed my reception of Antena2/La Cariñosa which can be heard quite frequently on 1450,026 kHz despite the Europeans on 1449. He also attached some photos from Manizales and the Cariñosa logotype! Thank you Jaime!