RCN La Cariñosa Ibague CLM 1420

Nice message on Facebook confirms my reception of La Cariñosa in Ibague. This is not the most common from Colombia on 1420, Radio Magdalena is stronger 9 out of 10.

RCN La Radio Tuluá 1560

A second reply on my old report from 2014. Nice Facebook message from Rodrigo Mejía Silva Commentarista Deportivo at RCN Tuluá.


Radio Index Belgrade SRB 88.9 MHz

Today I received a nice email confirmation of my reception of Radio Index in Belgrade. V/s was Dragan Ponjević, audio engineer for S-media for 18 years. I received his email address from a friend of mine in Finland.
I think this station has changed its name to Radio S2.


SDXF via Radio Revival Sala S 3975 kHz

This station was heard quite OK on 3975 kHz Dec 26 2015. Reception confirmed with an attached pdf card signed by yours truly!


SR3 Saarlandwelle Saarbrücken D 95.5 MHz

Logged last summer but reported today. Really nice QSL on Facebook!

They wrote :We can confirm that the soundbite you attached is part of our programme, the lady's voice you can hear is the voice of our host Julia Becker (http://www.sr.de/sr/sr3/wir_uber_uns/moderatoren/julia_becker102.html


Radio Somes Bistrita ROU 96.6 MHz

This one was logged back in July 2015. Today I sent a follow up report and received a very nice email verification from the Redactor, no name mentioned.