Radio Signal Novi Sad SRB 98.8 MHz

Facebookmessage in Swedish from the Radio Signal Team confirms reception July 2015

Boom 93 Pozarevac SRB 93.4 MHz

Short Facebookmessage confirms my reception June 8 2015


Radio Gdansk POL 103.7 MHz

An email from Krzysztof Piekło Specjalista ds. promocji i public relations confirm my tropo-reception of Radio Gdansk. He  also promised me to send a "package" of info via snailmail.


Radio Salzburg Gaisberg AUT 94.8 MHz

My friend Jari Korhonen in Finland helped me with QSL-info on this one. Report was verified by email from Ing. Johann Kerschbaum Leiter Senderbetrieb Salzburg. Johann also attached a photo of their FM-antenna!