Radio San Sebastian Livitaca Cumbivilcas Cusco PRU 1550

This station was heard by me back in April 2013 on 1550,095 kHz. I could not find the QTH so no report. Last month it was heard again on the same offset by some other DX-ers in Sweden. Henrik Klemetz had contact with the station and arranged that Carlos Gamarra became the QSL-manager of the station. QSL was a jpg-version of  a handwritten letter signed by Santiago Ganoza Gutiérrez, administrador.


Radio San Nicolas ARG 1430 AM

Two messages on Facebook confirm my recepción of Radio San Nicolas, SN24.


Újvidéki Rádió Sobotica SRB 92.5 MHz

Újvidéki Rádió is the Hungarian program of Radio Vojvodina in Novi Sad Serbia. My report was verified via Facebook.

Rádio Metrópole Cachoeirinha RS BRA 1570 AM

My report was confirmed va a short message on Facebook and a "Like" about my recording.

Iskelmä Pohjanmaa Kurikka FIN 92.3 MHZ

Tarja Harju wrote a wonderful email and confirmed my reception of a local transmission from Iskelmä Pohjanmaa. My recording had her voice in a comercial for Opel!

Rádio Correio do Vale Itaporanga PB BRA 1590

If you hear a heterodyne on 1590 this may very well be from Correio do Vale.  They have been low for at least 2 years, usually around 1589,927 kHz. My report was confirmed via the oficial Facebook site of Rádio Correio. He mentioned that they have also received reports from Norway and Finland.

Radio City Tampere Ilkaalinen FIN 92,9 MHz

This is another tropo reception from Finland. They used to be Radio 957 but now there is a new nationwide chain of stations known as Radio City. They carry some local programs and identifications. My report was verified by Olli Simola at SBS Discavery Radio in Tampere.


The Voice Kristinestad FIN 93.4 MHZ

This station is owned by SBS. Sister stations are Iskelmä, Radio City and Radio Pooki! Report was verified by Sivi Purmonen

Steel FM Mariehamn Åland FIN 95.9 MHZ

At a distance of 360 km this station can be heard daily at my place but heavy QRM from a local 60 kW   SR P3 on 95.8 MHz. Report was verified by  Peter ”Boutros” Grönholm. His voice was on the clip I sent them.