Radio Cristal Las Piedras URU 1470 AM

My report was verified in a conversation on Facebook. I have logged this station every year since 1964 and sent several reports but no QSL until today!


Radio Morena Guayaquil EQA 640 AM

Only heard once here in Örnsköldsvik. Reception was verified with a short message on Facebook.


Radio Continental Pando URU 1600

Reception was confirmed in a nice long email from Ada Cardoz (Administración)


Rádio Regional Ipú CE BRA 1520 AM

Nice email from Helio Lopes Lopes Locutor Apresentador confirms my reception of Rádio Regional. I was promised more information about their city and station in a later message.
Radio Regional is at my place the most commonly logged station from Brazil on 1520. They have often  a significant hum on their signal.

Phare FM Haguenau F 92.5 MHz FM

This station was heard with a local identification last summer. Quite a surprise when a nice email arrived today after 10 months confirming my reception. V/s was Mireille Muths.


Rádio Restauracão Caruaru PE BRA 1590 AM

This station belongs to the  Comunidade Católica Restauração in  Caruaru. They transmit religious programs 24/7. Repost was verified via Facebook.

Rádio Povo Ribeira do Pombal BA BRA 1560 AM

Brief and not signed email confirms my reception of Radio Povo 1560. In a separate mail they write: Registro  ao vivo sua participação em ondas médias 1560 AM Dia 21 de abril às 11:55 AM - horário local.
(April 22 at 1455 UTC!)


Rádio Pioneira de Teresina PI BRA 1150

My report was confirmed by Rosemiro Robinson Diretor Geral. Attached was a photo of their station building. I logged this station more than 50 years ago on 4845 kHz in the 60 mb!

Radio Vale do Capibaribe Sta Cruz do Capibaribe PE BRA 1370

Reception was confirmed by Melqui Lima, reporter in a nice email. He also posted a comment about my reception on their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=434755273300445&fref=ts


Rádio Sociedade Espigão RO BRA 1570

Received a very nice email from Juliano Correia  Diretor Administrativo confirming my reception of Rádio Sociedade.

Radio Jornal Pesqueira PE BRA 1390

My report was verified by Geovani Martins Gerente da Equipe Técnica. He sent me a most fantastic QSL with 8 attachments including photos and the QSL in a pdf-fil. Mauricio Molano helped me with contact information.

Radio Capital Lima PRU 1470

After a lots of reports to CPN, Radio Capital and other stations from Lima on 1470 I finally yesterday found a valid email address on Mauricio Molanos MolaDX-page. Report was verified by Luis Trujillano Guimaray Jefe de Contenidos de Radio Capital. Thank you Luis!


Westsound FM Stranrear G 96.5 MHz

Report was verified by Frenchie via Facebook.

Radio Virovitica Slatina HRV 93,7 MHz

Reception confirmed by Matija Rođak at Informativne Centar Virovistica. I had this one as unidentified until yesterday when I realized that the www.icv.hr was not a comercial but the home page of the station.


Radio Impuls Klatovy CZE 94.0 MHz

Reception was verified by Erika Güntherová PR manager in a very friendly email.

Kiss Hády Dačice CZE 89.0 MHz

Jan Zběhlík is a technician of United Radio Services s.r.o in Brno. They handle the transmitters of Kiss Hády, Country Radio and Beat Radio. He wrote me a very kind letter and had a lot of comments about my recording. He even gave the name of the speaker and titles of commercials. Thank you Jan for a very nice verification of reception.

Radio Silver Vratsa BUL 88.9 MHz

Radio Silver reception was verified on Facebook. I also heard them on 87.9 MHz which is listed as Radio Vratsa!

Anténa Hitradio Kosice SVK 94.8 MHz

My reception was confirmed via a conversation on Facebook. The station has changed its name and are now Anténa Rock.


Galaxie FM Lille F 95.3 MHz

Guillaume Will Turner l'animateur du 16h-20h sur Galaxie confirms my reception of Galaxie FM heard by myself a year ago.


Radio Rubi Vyškov CZE 96.4 MHz

Report was verified by the owner of Radio Rubi Mr Josef Hejl. He is 62 years old and started this station back in 1991. He is also a radio amateur OK2VLQ. On a direct question he informs me that alls Radio Rubi stations carry the same program, nothing local. Everything is produced at the head office in Olomouc.

Radio Malvisi Almenno San Bartolomeo I 87.5 MHz

Very friendly email from DJ Mary confirm my reception. She wants to have contacts in English on Skype.


Radio Seefunk Sigmaringen D 104.2 MHz

Eberhard Fruck is the Ass. Program Director of Radio Seefunk which I logged last summer. He was happy to confirm my reception of their station.

Rádio Floresta Tucuruí PA BRA 1500

Facebookmessage confirms my reception of Radio Floresta. They are owned by Sistema Floresta de Comunicação.


Megapolis FM Chisinau MLD 88.6 MHz

Brief personal message from the Team on Facebook confirms my reception


Radio Classica Milano I 94.0 MHz

My report was verified by Max Pandini by both Facebook and later an email. Max has friends in my hometown Örnsköldsvik and will visit my hometown coming summer!


Radio Fantastica Asti I 89,1 MHz ++

Simona Giorgi works at  Gruppo Media Hit who owns 6 different stations covering most parts of Italy. She verified my reception of Radio Fantastica, Radio Blu Toscana, Radio Cuore, Radio Sportiva and Gamma Radio.

Radio Marilù Belluno I 90.0 MHz

Facebookmessage confirms my reception.


Radio Crne Gore 1 Rožaje MNE 89.5 MHz

Really nice message on Facebook confirmed my reception. A couple of photos was attached as well.

Heart North and Mid Wales Wrexham G 88 MHz

Sent some follow ups today waiting for the E-skip conditions coming summer. Received a nice email from engineer Dan Martin confirming my reception of their local programs for North and Mid Wales. Station is owned by CommunicorpUK.


Radio Excelsior Gramado RS B 1440 AM



France Bleu Gard Lozère Ales F 91,6 FM

A nice Facebook message in Swedish from  Olivier Devic  who has a Swedish wife from Vetlanda in Småland!