RCG Radio Gualaceo EQA 1410

I had a nice opening towards Ecuador, Perú and Colombia around 0320 UTC on the 1st of April 2014. One of the highlights was RCG Radio in Gualaceo in Ecuador on 1410. I got a nice clear identification and some details from a commercial. I tried to contact them via Facebook but no response. Henrik Klemetz called RCG and had a long conversation with Mario Cardona, the director, who also mentioned my report on the air but both me and Henrik missed to record it. By some peculiar reason my recorder stopped after 7 s. However this morning I received a Facebook message confirming my report. Thank you Mario and Henrik!


Antena 2000 Sucre BOL 1400

On April 24, I found a signal on 1399.851 kHz which attracted my interest. It proved most surprising to be Antena 2000 in Sucre, Bolivia. It identified with a clear call with address, phone number and more. I found an email address on their Facebook page, but it was not accurate. I also found a page on the web about their 10th anniversary. This article also revealed the name of the director of Antena 2000 :  Hilton Taboada Castro. Henrik Klemetz contacted the station by Skype and found the director's Facebook page where it appeared that he celebrates his birthday today May 5th. Without the help from Henrik I doubt that I had ever received a QSL! Thank you Henrik!
I sent a birthday greeting this morning and received the following reply on his timeline:  Gracias Gert Nilson y gracias po la referencia de escucharnos en Suecia, Radio antena 2000 de Sucre Capital Constitucional de Bolivia este próximo 10 de mayo cumple 12 años de vida, de sevicio continuo a la población es la radio de mayor sintonia y credibilidad en la región y el lindisimo regaloque recibimos de ustedes de escucharnos tan lejos en AM 1400...gracias de verdad,estamos contentos saludos...