Radio Carraviz Juliaca PRU 1570

Nice surprise a couple of weeks ago when Iván Tito Vizcarra, gerente of Radio Carraviz, sent a QSL-mail addressed to several DX-ers in Europe. Radio Carraviz is a regular guest here with its program from La Iglesia Dios es Amor.


La Voz de Guamote Chimborazo EQA 1520 AM

I was really surprised when I heard Andean music coming through on 1520 AM around sunrise April 1. It turned out to be La Voz de Guamote from Chimborazo in Ecuador. It had some interference from Libertad in Bogota Colombia but could still be heard for almost half an hour. I sent a receptionreport via the hotmail address found on their home page http://www.actiweb.es/radiolavozdeguamote/. My report was verified by morning host Luis Naula


WXEW Radio Victoria Yabucoa PTR 840

I never heard the identification of Radio Victoria but Henrik Klemetz listened to my recording and confirmed that it was from a station in Puerto Rico. The fact that they closed down at 0440 UTC with the US National anthem was another clue that made me send a reception report. I received  a nice reply from Doris on Radio Victoria via their Facebook-site. Later I received a very excited message from her daughter Linda Michelle, who is the grandchild of the founder of Radio Victoria Sr Calderon! Linda writes "That is us!!! I'm sooooo excites you have no idea that you got to find us in Sweden!!! That's the narration of a baseball game... ".  This is a very nice catch! I usually here stations from Cuba or Colombia on 840.


Chami Radio Otuzco PRU 1140

This station has been fighting with the Colombians and some Cuban stations on 1140 AM recently. Then finally March 31 around 0330 they had a very nice signal and their identification could be heard with good quality: "Chami Radio Señal de Libertad". My report was verified by a facebookmessage from Jimmy Aredo  responsable de area de Sistemas en la Radio .


RCN La Cariñosa Tulua CLM 1560

This one is logged from time to time but most of the time with central programming but I have logged them with local identifications several times around TOH 0300 UTC. My report was verified via Facebook.