WCSL Cherryville NC 1590

Early in the morning of October 26 I heard a station on 1590 fighting with WAKR. Almost at once I got an identification for WCSL and its sister stations. In a mail general manager of Hometown Radio Network Lanny Ford writes: The voice you hear is Calvin Hastings who is currently leasing that station.  As you are listening we have 3 other stations at the following frequencies 730am, 1050am and 1350am.


Radio Feliz Lima 1110 AM

It was a real surprise when Radio Feliz in Lima came through Sept 22 with a top of the hour announcement. A first time for me. My reception was verified by Pastor Clodoaldo Gutarra responsable de la Radio as a message on Facebook.

KFXD Boise ID 630

KFXD was heard during good conditions towards south west USA Jan 10 2013. My reception was verified by Director of Engineering Howard Green who writes: That is indeed our station.  One of six we own and operate out of Boise, Idaho.  I believe the recorded identifier says "Sports Radio 630 The Fan, Idaho's brand new take on sports!"  It has since been shortened to just "Sports Radio 630 The Fan."


Frecuencia Bolivariana Monteria 1160

This is a really nice catch. Heard with a weak signal Sept 22. Reception was confirmed by two separate emails from the Frecuencia Bolivariana Team and the director Mario Sánchez Arteaga

Radio Ancón Panama 1020 AM

It is always a special thrill when signals from Panama come through. September 22 I was chasing Radio Artemisa in Cuba and had a lot of onterference from Radio Reloj and a station in Venezuela when suddenly another station  came through with a top of the hour identification. Not vey good quality on my recording  but with some help from Fredrik Dourén and Henrik Klemetz I was convinced that this was really Radio Ancón. My rceptioon was verified by Lic. Mario Luis Murgas Noticias y Opinión RADIO ANCÓN

Radio Pico Classic Mirandola I 93.2 MHz

Il Responsabile Amministrativo Dott.ssa Maria Paola Nicolini verifies my reception of Radio Pico Classic, which is a rather common catch here during summertime.

Radio Bacan Sat Huancayo 1320

Recently Bacan Sat began broadcasting from Huancayo in 1320 kHz in // with 1130 AM. They are about 55 Hz of frequency, about the same as Radio Perú from Juliaca. At my place Radio Perú is quite regular but Sept 27 Bacan Sat was on top most of the time. My reception was confirmed by email.

Radio Maria Huancayo 1240

For a long time there has been a discussion about the location of this transmitter. WRTH says Chilca but lately many sources think it is Huancayo. This is also confirmed in my QSL from Ing. Carlos León.


Radio Mainwelle Bayreuth D 104.3 MHz

Technical director Ande Enders confirms my reception and mentions that this was their second report from Sweden.