One Radio Nitra SVK 90.6 MHz

I logged them this summer and did not receive any reply to my email report. Today I was really surprised when director Milan Homola sent an email and confirmed my reception. He had found my mail in the SPAM-folder.

KIIX Fort Collins CO 1410

Americas Best Music KIIX was logged several times in the end of October. Engineering Manager Dave Agnew sent me a very pleasant email with a lot of information. KIIX transmit with 1 kW directional at night. 1410 is a rather busy cannel over here with strong signals from CFTE in Vancouver or WPOP Hartford most of the time when transatlantic stations are coming through, so I was a lucky guy when they came through.


France Mahgreb2 Clermont-Ferrand 94.0 MHz

A nice message on Facebook confirms my reception of France Mahgreb2 in Clermont Ferrand.


Radio Krakow PL 90.0 MHz

Last week I received a very enthusiastic mail from Jerzy Pawelczyk ( Fonoteka Radia Kraków) confirming my reception of Radio Krakow last summer. Jerzy writes:
We told the listeners about that curious phenomenon in one of our broadcasts. I will try to find it among archive server recordings. As soon as I succeed I will send you this recording.

Beur FM Bourges F 89.1 MHz

A short message on Facebook confirms my reception of Beur FM.

Z-86 Curom Broadcasting Willemstad Curacao 860 kHz

This station was logged quite often last autumn. My best reception was November 12. I tried several email reports with no luck. I also tried to send a message to DJ Jay T on his facebook but no reply. Yesterday my friend Bernt-Ivan told me he had a chat with Jay T the same afternoon so I tried the same. Jay T responded very friendly and I could "convince" him that my recording was really made in Sweden. First QSL from Curacao for me.