Narodni Radio Slatina HRV 90.4 MHZ

My reception May 28 2012 was verified by Lidija Balija, Glasbeni Director. She was very surprised that Narodni Radio could be heard in Sweden. The program I tuned in was morning show on radio with Drele as host!


Radio Expres Hlohovec SVK 88.4 MHz

"This broadcast comes from  a small city in Slovakia, Hlohovec. Hlohovec is 75 km from Bratislava." says moderator Ivan Bindas. Ivan also specifically for my snailmail address so he could send me a T-shirt. Nice!

Záhorácke Rádio Skalica-mesto 89.2 MHz

Logged during E-skip towards southern Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republik June 13. Reception was verified by moderator Denisa Váliková.

Radio Blanik Praha CZE 87.8 MHz

My report was sent to moderator Eva Laštovičková who forwarded it to David Beck, Chief Engineer of Radio Blanik. David seemed to be interested in receiving reports and was happy to be able to verify my report.


Slon Radio Tuzla Bosnia and Hercegovina 89.0 MHz

Another nice catch from May 28 2012. Reception was verified by Seid Hrnčić, marketing, verified my reception and also promised "we are sending you some gifts by post".

Radio Banovići Bosnia and Herzegovina 90.3 MHz

Radio Banovici transmits from a small mining city 40 kilometers from Tuzla. I had no reliable email address so I called them. Five minutes later my report was verified. About Banovici Wikipedia says:  Banovići  is a town and municipality in northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The intensive development of Banovići begins with construction of the railway Brčko-Banovići in the year 1946. Due to its quality, brown coal from Banovići is well-known all over Europe.


Radio Fuego del Espíritu Santo El Alto Bolivia 1580

This is my second station from Bolivia: I logged them as unidentified March 31 2012 closing down at 0337 UTC. Some other guys in Sweden, Norway and Finland also reported this station off channel on 1580,479 kHz. Henrik Klemetz solved the identity and Tore Vik in Norway found the QTH. Henrik then called them and convinced Pastor Fausto Lima P. to send a "Gracias por sintonia" to all of us. This had not been possible without the tremendeous work of Henrik!

Radio Čas Zábřeh Czech Republic 88.6 MHz

My reception was verified by Luboš Jeřábek  moderátor. He is 28 years old and a great fan of Swedish music. His favourite band is ABBA.


Mária Rádió Erdély Hargita Romania 89.7 MHz

My report to Mária Rádió Erdély was verifid by technical manager Gabor Tarr. Gábor is a ham operator with the call YO5PSE. He sent a very detailed mail and also attached a QSL-card. The front side can be seen here:

Hitrádio Faktor Tabor 88.0 MHz

Ludvik Fiala is 63 years old and has worked in the radio Business since 1963. He verifies my reception of Hitradio Faktor. Their main transmitter is on 104.3 MHz, by I logged the 200 W 88.0 MHz outlet in Tabor. Ludvik also attached a plan of transmitters in the Czech Republic in Excel-format. Nice catch!


Radio Italia Anni 60 Ravenna 87.7 MHz

This station broadcast some local staff for the region Emila Romagna. They have their own Facebook account. I sent a message and received a very nice reply from Musical Director Silvia Fava.

SLAM FM Roosendaal 88.4 MHz

Brief email from Anne-Marieke van Wezel verifies my reception of SLAM FM on 88.4 MHz.

Kurzemes Radio Kuldiga Latvia 106.4 MHz

Logged during good tropo conditions last autumn. My reception was confirmed by Jolanta Derkevica-Pilskunga.

Radio Baranja Croatia 88.0 MHz

Technical Administrator Zdenko Lozancic sent me a most fantastic QSL mail today. He attached 2 sound clips and 5 photos of antenna towers and studios. Zdenko writes:
Transmitter is a Croatian production company Elico, installed power capacity is 1kW, but the radiated power is 3kw (ERP) with two vertically polarized Yagi antennas. We are located in the valley but the antennas are located on a small hill 250 meters high, and antena column is an impressive 240 m
So about 500 meters above sea level in the plain is a very good thing...


Klassikaraadio Tallinn 106,6 MHz

Tiia Teder verifies my tropo reception of Klassikaraadio last autumn.


Gong Radio Baja Hungary 88.7 MHz

Another logging from May 28. A really nice verification from Balazs Varga who attached two photos showing the transmitter and the antennas at Baja.

Radio Cer Lipolist Serbia 90.2 MHz

Tomoslav Popovic is the owner of Radio Cer in Lipolist in Serbia, a station I logged May 28 2012. Tomislav sent a very nice email with an attached letter of verification . About Radio Cer he writes: Radio Cer is local, family owned radio station founded in 1995 in Lipolist, a small place located 22km from the town Šabac and round 100km west from Serbian capital city Belgrade. The radio is named by the nearby mountain called Cer.


BR Klassik Dillberg 87.6

Dillberg is situated in Bavaria in southern Germany about 1600 kilometers from my place, quite suitable for E-skip. May 28 I had at least a dozen of BR stations coming through, one of them was BR Klassik. Andreas Mangold and Manfred Schmitz verified my reception and also promised an old "QSL-Karte" by snail mail.


Prime FM Balti Moldavia 90.5

A really nice email from the Prime FM Team verifies my recent reception of their transmitter in Balti. They also attached a version of the song I had on my recording + the Prime FM logo. Also seems to be the first report from Sweden. They write: .....  We will be glad to keep in touch with you, as by far you are the farthest on-air listener of Prime FM!


Country Radio Praha 89,5

First time on FM, but a regular on 1062 kHz.  I heard them May 28 with nice reception for some minutes. My reception was confirmed by Tomáš DOMEČKA

Bluradio Veneto 88,7

Mirco Cavallin verifies my reception of BluRadio Veneto May 28, a day with fantastic conditions to the area around the northern part of the Adriatic Sea. Mirco also told "...no problems with the earth quakes in Padua...."

RSA Chemnitz 89,6

Another one from the May 28 E-skip. Station name is R.SA -Böttcher Mit &Fischer and they really use it all the time, not just RSA! My report was verified by a friendly email from Evelina Koch Hörerservice. She used Microsoft Word for her mail and first I could not find any content in her mail, but later I found it the source code. Some problems with my Thunderbird?

Radio Centar Porec 89,6

Tehnička podrška Ivan verifies my reception and tells me they have the same problems with RAI down there in Croatia as I had in Bonössund. Radio Centar transmit from Porec, situated on the Adriatic coast in northern Croatia.

BestFM Campina 88.6

Laurentiu Megelea is the owner of Best FM, he is 39 years old, married, has a baby 2 years old. He used to be an amateur radio operater with call sign YO9GUW.  He gave a very technical and informative description of my reception and was very happy about my report.

HRV 89 FM Valpovo

I logged this station May 28. First I could not identify it, despite I had a clear identification. I uploaded an audio sample and presented it to the fellows on RealDX and pretty soon Jari in Finland and Alessandro in Trieste Italy came with the solution: The HRV 89 I had on my recording shoul read Hrvatski radio Valpovština, a small local station in Croatia. A brief email confirms my reception.