Radio Sieben 105.0 MHz

Very nice and interesting email from Christine Brackenmeyer (Redaktion) verifies my reception of Radio Sieben. I listened to the Abendshow with Sebastian Pauls.


HR3 Biedenkopf 87.6 MHz

Hessischer Rundfunk sent a QSL-card after report via their website form.


JUMP Leipzig 90.4 MHz

JUMP is a division of MDR from the eastern part of Germany. Jump  was logged on several frequencies in June. V/s was Anja Heinrich Sales Department.

Bayern2 Wendelstein 89.5 MHz

Nice email from Verena Marziw Technische Information veriefies my reception of Bayern2 which has been logged on sveral frequencies recently.


Radio Capital Pesaro 87.7 MHz

Simona Bolognesi at Redaccione verifies my reception of Radio Capital, which has been logged on several frequencies at my place this summer.

Kiss Proton Plzeň 90.0 MHz

Very brief email from DJ Veronika Nagrova verifies my reception of Kiss Proton.

Radio Lëtzebuerg 88.9 MHz

This station carries the local program of RTL. Logged June 28 with good reception for almost an hour. V/s Christiane Kremer Head of Program


WDR5 88.0 MHz

A nice email verifies my reception of WDR5. V/s Brigitte Dahl.

RMF Radio Muzyka Fakty 88.2 MHz

Long email from Przemysław Kula z-ca Dyrektora Programowego verifies my recent reception of RMF.


Omroep Zeeland 87.9 MHz

Brief email from Carla Mons verifies my reception of Omroep Zeeland June 28.


SWR2 Ulm 89.2 MHz

Logged June 28 when I had good conditions towards western Germany and Holland. V/s Elisabeth Bechstein SWR2 Hörerservice.


Radio Sertão Central 1570

Two brief emails from Vilmar Botão Diretor verifies my reception of Ràdio Sertão Central.

Radio Cordillera Bogotá 1190

This is the most frequently logged station on 1190 at my place. I have sent reports yearly for two decades with no reply. However last month I found a verie signer published by Mauricio Molano in Spain. Yaned Caro C. Asistente Administrativa of Todelar in Bogotá immediately replied to my report!