WOND Pleasantville NJ 1400

Greg Maiuro verifies my recent reception of WOND. He recommended me to listen via the website for better quality! Jan Edh helped me with contact information. Greg called Jan last week for an interview about Super Bowl.


Radio Paisa Medellin 1140

A very nice email from Director Carlos Montoya Flórez RCN Medellin verifies my reception of Radio Paisa. The photo shows Mr Montoya reading reception reports when Henrik Klemetz visited him a couple of years ago. My own letter is in front of Mr Montoya. My thanks to Henrik and Mr Montoya!


WCLE Cleveland TN 1570

This is a very rare catch at my place. I can see their carrier on 1570,029 from time to time but I have had it readable just twice. Today I sent a report to Adminstrative Assistant Jean Betters after a hint from Odd-Jörgen in Norway. Short email confirmation arrived within an hour..


WHUC Hudson NY 1230

A nice email from Program Director Bill Williams confirms my reception of WHUC December 2010.


KEIN Great Falls MT 1310

A very much longed for QSL became possible when Arnstein Bue gave me the contact information to Steven Dow, General Manager for KTZZ-FM and KEIN.


WCXN Claremont NC 1170

WCXN is a nice catch this autumn/winter when WWVA had problems with their antennas. They carry Mexican programs and are easy to recognize with the Que Buena identification. A warning: Caracol also  has programs with Mexican music around 0700 UTC! A very brief email from Sima Birach verifies my reception.