KSRO Santa Rosa CA 1350

Nice email from Market Manager Jeff Clark today verified my reception of KSRO. I logged them December 9 when conditions were good. KRLC and KTIK caused a lot of interference as usual.

KKNT Phoenix AZ 960

This is my first QSL from Arizona. I logged them December 9, when reception conditions were excellent. I could see their trace on the SDR-IQ for almost an hour until finally CFAC faded down and I heard a very faint ID. John Timm General Manager says in an email that they have received several reports from northern Sweden, but recently also one from Italy. Thank you John for my US state #49, still missing Vermont and Delaware.


WARV Warrick RI 1590

Short email from General Manager William Blount today verified my reception of WARV.

WPDR Portage WI 1350

A short email from Bruce A. McNeill, CRMC, Sales Manager/Sports Director today verified my reception of WPDR. My thanks to Bruce for verification and to Arnstein Bue of Norway for contact information.


KGST Fresno CA 1600

ESPN Deportes from Fresno is a rather regular guest here. I have tried reports several times before with no luck until today when I used contact information received from my Norwegian friend Tore Vik. Verification came from Kevin O'Rorke General Manager of Lotus Corporation in Fresno. Thank you Kevin and Tore!


WBSM New Bedford MA 1420

I logged this station several times back in September and sent a reminder last week. Today Operations Manager Pete Braley verified my reception report with these words: YES! That is us! I distinctly heard our announcer Jim Birdsall with the ID 1420 WBSM.
Thank you Pete!