Radío North Ireland 846

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Paul Barnett of Radio North confirming my reception of the test transmissions March 15 2009. Today I found a letter and a QSL card in my letterbox as well.


WBBW Youngstown OH 1240

I logged WBBW January 6 2009. Yesterday I sent a reminder to an address found on their website and today I received a very nice verification from Wes Boyd W8IZC Chief Engineer. Wes describes in details what he heard on my recording. A really nice QSL!


KSPT Sandpoint ID 1400

KSPT has no home page of its own, but sister station KPND has. I found an email address and sent a reception report and today John W. Goes Production Director Blue Sky Broadcasting verified my reception.

KSKO McGrath AK 870

I tuned in to KSKO January 25 when I had exceptional conditions towards Mexico in the morning and Alaska in the afternoon. I wrote a letter and today got an email reply from Operations Manger Mike Lane who verified my reception.

WSAU Washau WI 550

Not a regular catch here, strong Europeans on 549 make reception quite hard. However I logged them in January and today Pat Snyder verified my reception. Pat has a blog on the Home Page of WSAU.


WWWI Baxter MN 1270

WWWI has been logged here a few times this season. I also logged them back in 1998. Yesterday I sent a reception report with new sound clips but also an old one from 1998. Today Co-owner Mary Pryor verified my report and also told me that the voice on the recording from 1998 was indeed herself!


KBSN Moses Lake WA 1470

KBSN is quite hard to get through the Canadian on 1470 but in December 2008 they was heard a couple of times with quite good signal strength. Colleen Roth verified my reception and also forwarded my mail to General Manager Jim Davis.